Saturday, January 20, 2018

Oysters I

I like the watercolorishness of the washes in this painting. There are little blooms and other watercolor 'accidents' all through it. I just love what watercolor does all on its own.

I love the turquoise background with the soft blue shades fading in and out of it, and the echoing blue and turquoise in the inner shells. I still just love to stare at this color. This wash was made with a variable mix of quinacridone burnt orange (DS) and Prussian blue (WN), which produces a whole range of interesting colors from brown through green and turquoise to blue.

This painting was done in July 2017. It was a first foray into a larger format, and into negative painting techniques. I only used negative painting to do the background... it seems very timid to me now that I've done a few more negative paintings. I wonder what I was so scared of?

Whatever it was, I'm still scared of it. 

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